Friday, August 15, 2008

just for fun :)

Words of the day-

1. Traffic Tourette's
The uncontrollable urge to scream obscenities at other drivers who infringe on your space (whether real or imagined).

2. Textspectation
The anticipation one feels when waiting for a response to a text message.

3. Combat Nap
That 5 - 10 minute nap that you have to take when your body is completely exhausted and your mind is over stressed. Happens if you want it or not, and you usually wake up feeling like you've had a full night's rest.

August update

Phew- the week is done!
Who knew that TGIF would really be an acronym I would use. I may be using more often.

So this week was a treat. Mai and the Saipan crew ate out on Monday evening. Super fun! I was reminded of how much Mai I need in my life. To be honest with you all I thought it might be a hard 'visit' with everyone. Only because it's hard to remember times spent together when I wasn't in Saipan a second year. No matter how hard I wish I could've been there, I wasn't. The visit ended up being so much fun and I got to hear a lot from Mai. I even got to drive her.=) When I said bye it was hard....tears welled up, but somehow we know we'll see each other again.

Mai- I'm always praying for you and miss you so much!

Mid-term week is finally over. Art and I are training for big bear half...I've finally decided that I better get running again. Something about Art is so inspiring. It isn't that he runs a lot, but I think that he has nothing to do with school- or LLU. Even though we run here, he's just a breath of fresh air. I love the guy! We will be hitting a 10 miler Saturday morning. WOOOHOOO! (I'm psyching myself out..can you tell?)

I've got these crazy back muscle pains in the past two days- O boy, I hope they go away. They're pretty intense at times. I decided I wasn't going to work out today because of that. I'm entitled to a day off right?!

Ron's been working night shifts- poor guy. I know that's gotta be hard on his bio clock. This may sound "princess-like" but I miss hanging with him in the evenings. I haven't seen him almost 3 days just because we're busy....the adjustments hard.

This morning I decided to get my car washed. That was MUCH needed. Found a coupon for full service at student services for $8. What a deal! The ole' caddy looks amazing. Thank you hospitality car wash!
Then I ran to the hair place and got my hair cut.'s short- not used to it yet, but I'm sure it will be fine.
And well, now I'm going to volunteer at the hospital. I heart those people like crazy :)

Hope everyone's doing great! It was awesome to hear Sean's voice on the phone :) Miss you!