Monday, December 31, 2007

YAY! for the holiday!

Happy New Year to you!
I love the holidays because I can live at home. I love being home with my family, sleeping in my own bed in my own room. I like the fact that I have a bath tub at my convenience, yes, a bath tub. I love the food that I get at home.....ahh...all the nourishment. I like that I can go to bed SUPER late and wake up SUPER late. I DONT HAVE TO STUDY!! WOOHOO!

Best of all I love that I'm reminded everywhere I go that Jesus was born for me. He lived here for me and saved me.

So, in saying that happy this holiday season. There's lots to be thankful for and a message to tell! Learn it, love it, and live it! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My God Amazes Me

These are the crazy kids (+and- a few) that stole my heart. During the holiday season I can't help but think of them. This time last year Barbara (SDA principal) handed me a CD with some music on it. I only had to teach these 5 years two songs, but who knew they had 5,000,000 words in them. I did everything in my power to help them learn. I prayed, sat them in a circle in their chairs, had hand motions, and lots of prizes. It came out great. Yes, some of the kids got scared during the performance and literally ran away, but heck--there were some that stayed up there the entire time and sang every word of those two songs. GO QUINCY and JONAH!

These are the children that stole my heart. These are the children that made me see Jesus for who He really is. These children are a piece of heaven, priceless as gold and as beautiful as the rose that sits outside my window. He made each of them very special and most importantly, He made that visable to me. I finally got it when I left. I learned how to accept on every level and even through imperfect children, I fell into deep love.

Just like the sun rises faithfully every morning over Bonzai my God stays faithful to me. He knew and still knows that I miss them every day. He knows that the experiences I had in Saipan that year I wouldn't have words to describe. God is faithful to stand by my side everyday, He puts a song in my heart and a smile on my face. God is good! He promises He will be the same yesterday, today, and forever. No need to worry about the days...He's in control if we let Him be.

So yea, the holiday season is hard when I think of what I was doing last year and how in love I was (and didn't know it), but God's shown a love that I didn't know existed. When He does that for you just take His gift and RUN! He just showed you a piece of Him!!! WOOHOO!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Gut Feelings (gotta love em')

Last Friday night I laid down around midnight, shut my eyes, and tried to go to sleep. At 12:30 I heard a deadly scream ....I opened my eyes and knew instantly something was wrong. Do you ever have those strong gut feelings? I did and jumped out of bed. I opened the door and there was a girl passed out, having a seizure. Her friend gathered around to get her away from the wall. Of course there wasn't enough room for me so I timed the seizure. It lasted a whole 61 seconds. CRAZY! I called the paramedics and they came and took her to the hospital. The moments were so intense. I'm glad that God gives strong gut feelings. Maybe they needed someone to call the ambulance. The paramedics did ask me how long it lasted. I'm glad I woke up and timed it.
Grant used to tell me that he'd trust me while in Saipan when I'd have those gut feelings. I mean, sometimes they'd be good and sometimes really bad. The bad ones I'd have to watch out for. If I didn't listen to those then I'd end up in a nasty creek without a paddle.
All quarter I've been having crazy gut feelings. Feelings about school, guys, driving, the "seizure incident." For instance there was this crazy guy, didn't look crazy, came into the coffee shop and he kept talking to me. Nothing wrong with that, right? I started getting those bad gut feelings and I asked him to leave me alone, but no way. He kept being really gut kept telling me, "Britni, he's hitting on you. Get away from him." I so rudely walked off and told the cashier that he was bothering me. She asked him to leave and he made a big scene. Later, the cashier, who is now my friend, said he'd been in there all week bothering girls.
Gut feelings....are they feelings that God gives you?
Is it like a subconsious speaking to you?
Is it like periferal vision? It's not directly seen, but you can definately see it coming.
All I know is whatevers been happening this year God is protecting me. Me and my gut know each other so well. It's actually a very cool feeling.
I think God gives me ill or good feelings in my gut that tell my brain what to do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2 down 10 to go (quarters)

Final exams are finally OVER! I have just completed two quarters of OT school and it feels so good. I still wonder if I'll ever reach the day when I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel?

I went to the OT seniors final research presentations last week. They worked so hard and studied so hard for three years and finally a sigh of relief was breathed after they finished. They looked so relieved and happy to finally see their goal in sight. Just one more quarter of fieldwork and boards. "There is a light at the end of the tunnel" they reassured me....I can't wait for that day!

I know I was in a lot of peoples prayers and well, I want to post this verse that helped me get through this hard time. I hope that it will help you. Thanks for your prayers.
Psalm 60:11-12
"Give us help for the hard task; human help is worthless. In God we'll do our very best; he'll flatten the opposition for good."

Also, I ran another race, the Holiday Classic, here in Loma Linda. It was a total 9.2 miles. I finished in 1:29:43. I was one place away from getting a metal. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? I never thought I'd be able to run all that so fast. Thanks Dr. Ken!! You got me into this crazy sport =)

I volunteer at the hospital every week for about 3 hours. There's a man from Switzerland that moved to CA 2 months ago. He didn't speak much english and after living here 2 weeks, he got into a car accident. His spinal cord was damaged and he was told he might be a paraplegic. He went into surgery and worked hard in in-patient rehab. That's where I met him. I was going by his room one day and gave him a teddy bear from the rehab center. He was thrilled and promised me he'd work hard to let me see him walk again. I smiled and encouraged him.
One month later I saw a man from the back walking down the hall. He turned around and said, "Hey Britni I can walk!! See me? I'm walking!!" I laughed and gave him a high five and said "You are incredible!" Two weeks after that I saw him again. He was being discharged from the hospital and left a note for me to meet him in the cafeteria. I did and he told me he had something for me in his room. We jogged to his room and he gave me a note. It said, "Thank you for the teddy bear. It was much appreciated. I will always remember the day you came in to encourage me."

That's why I volunteer. God can do amazing things in your life if you let Him. I was able to pray with this pt and encourage him the way that God encourages me.

Oh yea, he knows a lot more english because he was there for so long. :)

May God give you peace this holiday season. Take a minute a recognize the goodness of friendship, family, and everyday blessings He showers on you. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!