Sunday, October 28, 2007

quick update

Alright....Time to catch up-

I went on a camping trip two weekends ago with the second year dental students. We piled in a car and headed to Big Bear Lake. The "men" couldn't read the map, so the girls had to help get us there. There was a nice fire, since it was FREEZING outside, hot dogs, nice people, singing, worship, and best of all, S'mores. It started raining in the middle of the night, but it was all good. It reminded me of camping on Managaha with Missy and Layla (except a bit colder;) )

It was a beautiful weekend! :)
Second big thing happening is all the fires in CA. People have had to evacuate their homes. I've smelt fire for the past two weeks. Speaking of, I've had to run inside on the tredmile in fear my lungs would fail. No Good! I just completed mile 15 this morning :) GO LOPERS!!

Third, I got in a car accident last weekend and I thank God that I am okay.
Something new- I'm taking a salsa dancing class with a friend...and I'm loving it :) First lesson was last week and so far, so good.
Lastly, please pray for me. I'm taking several mid-terms and making a presentation this week. I know I'm suppose to be here, but I want to do well.
Thanks guys!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Nothing Post

Sorry about not posting lately. Life got really busy for awhile and I will work on it this weekend. (I promise)

Miss you all!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Gues what??

Foot update...
I do have to admit that my foot was killing me after that stressful 2 hours.
I iced and elevated it all day while I studied Sunday.

Beach Vespers take 2

Having an excuse to go to the beach twice in one week is great! It doesn't get any better then that.

School is getting harder and more overwhelming everyday. As soon as I feel like I have everything under control a professor adds on another assignment. I sometimes think, "What am I doing here?" I had many quizzes and papers due last week, but it came to an end with an peaceful breeze off the California coast reminding me that Jesus has a special plan for me at Loma Linda. The school provided veggie-dogs, corn, chips, drinks, and best of all, S'MORES! One of my favorite things in life is sitting by fire on a beach with friends making S'MORES (it brings back memories of pathfinders and outdoor school in Saipan).

Here are some pictures of Corona Del Mar...
Corona Del Mar....and all the beautiful homes along the beach.
Amy and I

Our "cold faces" was very cold on the beach :/