Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday Weekend!

About a month ago I wanted to do something for my birthday, but for anyone who knows me I won't plan anything for myself. I'm basically a bunch of talk- Sad. I know.

So a week before my birthday Ron plans Friday night dinner. He says invite your friends, pick a place, and time. He's perfect for giving me that nudge to make my birthday great. Funny thing is I needed a "reason" to do it....thanks Ron.

My birthday is actually today, but Friday night I got my friends together and made dinner reservations at PF Changs in Victoria Gardens. BUT before all this Ruth, my roomie, took me shopping and we saw a good movie. We decided to see 88 minutes. Super good thriller...that's all I'll say tho, bc I've already made the mistake of ruining it for others. Ruth and I had a blast laughing to the point of tears in the changing room at Express. We tried on the most hideously $$$ clothes. I would never wear ...but I'll show you pics ;)
Ruth and I having

That evening was really fun and one of the most special birthdays I've ever had. Ruth and I met, Ron, Travis, Amanda...and well, 12 other people for dinner. Good company, good food, and a blessing of another healthy year made it perfect. After that Ron, Travis, Amanda, Geoff, and I headed to Cheesecake Factory for some yummy dessert. The rest of the night was filled with games and laughter at Ron's.
Bottom left: Ruth, Miguel, Amy, Christina, Beth, Michelle, Andy
Bottom right: Hannah, Me, ron, Christian, Amanda, Travis
Top- Hannah, Amy, Beth, Ruth, Christina, Michelle, Andy, and Christian
Bottom- That's for you Miss Mai and Maycock :)

Sabbath morning I met Art (my runnin coach) for breakfast. He so funny. He bought me $25 worth of scratch lotto tickets bc he knows I wanna be "accidently" rich one day. He payed for my yummy breakfast burrito at MiMis :)

That afternoon my brother invited Ron and I to eat lunch with him and his friend. Yes, more food- I felt like a pig all weekend. That evening was spent watching Harold and Kumar at Ron's and a yummy Mexican meal. Thanks Ron!

Sunday was a day of studies and to my surprise I got a call from Mai on Monday at lunch. It was right after my Stats midterm and just what I needed. It's amazing that God knows what your feeling and sends "hope" (many times in the form of friends like Mai) to cheer me up :)
Thanks Mai! She sent me chocolate all the way from Saipan! It's yum yum good :) I assume that everyone that reads this knows me well enough by now to see that I miss my kiddos with all my heart. I <3 my kids like I've never loved anyone in my life. Mai told me a cute story of Alvin reminding her of what I taught him about the body. From my understanding he says, Ms. Britni doesn't need to go to school bc she knows everything already. ... I hope your smiling by now. It's only bc I don't know everything, but I love the way Alvin thinks so ;)

My beautiful friend Mai Rhea

God is so incredible for giving me another year of life, health, and experience. He's been teaching me constantly this year and you'd think I'd be worn out, but I'm not :) I love learning from the Master!

Thanks guys for being with me every day this year. It was a good one!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

TONSILS in or out?

Sorry guys,
I've been a blogging slacker=/

I went home for two weeks of my first practicum at Huguley Medical Center. I had a blast and learn so much. It was so much better to see the things I've studied in real life ;) The week after that Ron flew to Texas and spent a good 5 days with me. It was a relaxing time...I showed him the Dallas zoo and we went out to eat. His first time at sonic and my first time having Giolitti....played cards, watched movies, went shopping :) It was wonderful. Ron flew back to CA and so did I to start another quarter. It is Ron's last quarter at LLU, my 4th quarter. Exciting! I'm almost done with my first year =) The first weekend I was back we went to the beach, which was absolutely beautiful. Ate some more Giolitti, which might be my favorite dessert to cake-

Sadly this week has been terrible. I have gotten a bad case of strep. Today's been the worst day yet. I woke up having trouble breathing and definately afraid to swallow. My tonsils are huge, red, and puss filled. I can't believe that I let it get this bad. My good friend Travis, who is a PA at llumc prepscribed me some ammoxicillin. I hope this helps...crossing fingers.

That's all for now