Monday, March 10, 2008

My excitement...


Today is a good day!
First, it was my first day of clinical rotation. I <3 old sick people. I saw a man who played with Sachet Page (famous baseball man) in 1939. He was offered a position with the yankees before they were the yankees. He quit playing because he tore his rotator cuff badly....he was such a sweet pt.

BUT the best news is that my favorite and only boss ever, Barbara Maycock is having her FIRST baby!!! Congrats Sean and Barbara. You're going to make beautiful parents. May God bless you on this fun and new journey :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

the random thoughts in Britni's head...right now

This is what's on Britni's mind...

I'm headed home in less than 24 hours. WOW-I like flying in the sky :)
I saw Juno with Ron...good movie (but that may have been because I was with good company).
Sitting on a couch next to Ron, using his computer, kinda tired, but not really...
The puppies outback (ALL 8 ..two were taken today :( cry me a river)
My first clinical starts Monday morning at 7AM.
I'm a little nervous. It's only because I don't have all my paper work ready...the weekends coming and everything closes..eekk!
O, how I still have to pack
My new geriatric peeps at Adult Day. I love em-
Ms. B (a geriatric) told me I was beautiful today.
She even made me spin and dance with her. It was rewarding...and brought kudo's in my life =)
Ron makes me smile....

O yea, did I say Ron makes me smile.

I talked to my best friend today. Christine...she's so sweet to let me stay in her room while I'm in Texas doing clinicals. Thanks girl!
I wish I was on the beach right now
My second home is Drayson Center...MAN, what I would give to run, lift, or hit a ball right now.
I hoping I can use the gym at Huguley (that's where my clinicals are)...I can keep running
O yea, I'm thinking about doing a marathon up North in the redwoods.

that's it for now.

Peace out!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Marathon results!!

The marathon is done!! WOOOHOO...
My goal was to finish the race in 5hrs or less.
I finished in 5:00:53 (it was something like 6400 out of 22, 000 people)
Perfect weather, sunny and clear. There was a little wind towards the end.
It was so much fun! I met lots of new people and discovered a lot about myself.
When you want something bad enough pain doesn't matter...when I was at mile 23, 24, 25 I was in so much pain. I can't even describe the blister on my right toe.
Anyways- here's some pics before and after the race. Enjoy guys!

Oh yea and I want to thank Dr. Ken for being the biggest inspiration to me :), Art for spending hours listening to me talk while running, Cathy for running with me all the way last minute, Troy for fixing my muscles when I was hurt, Ron for getting me home early on Saturday nights, Sandy for being a pace leader, and lastly, my parents- they never stopped encouraging me. They were the first I'd call whenever I'd finish a long run on Sunday mornings.

There ya have it ;)

We won!!!!

That's the way we felt after the race. (blah!)
I'm your woman ;)