Monday, December 31, 2007

YAY! for the holiday!

Happy New Year to you!
I love the holidays because I can live at home. I love being home with my family, sleeping in my own bed in my own room. I like the fact that I have a bath tub at my convenience, yes, a bath tub. I love the food that I get at home.....ahh...all the nourishment. I like that I can go to bed SUPER late and wake up SUPER late. I DONT HAVE TO STUDY!! WOOHOO!

Best of all I love that I'm reminded everywhere I go that Jesus was born for me. He lived here for me and saved me.

So, in saying that happy this holiday season. There's lots to be thankful for and a message to tell! Learn it, love it, and live it! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My God Amazes Me

These are the crazy kids (+and- a few) that stole my heart. During the holiday season I can't help but think of them. This time last year Barbara (SDA principal) handed me a CD with some music on it. I only had to teach these 5 years two songs, but who knew they had 5,000,000 words in them. I did everything in my power to help them learn. I prayed, sat them in a circle in their chairs, had hand motions, and lots of prizes. It came out great. Yes, some of the kids got scared during the performance and literally ran away, but heck--there were some that stayed up there the entire time and sang every word of those two songs. GO QUINCY and JONAH!

These are the children that stole my heart. These are the children that made me see Jesus for who He really is. These children are a piece of heaven, priceless as gold and as beautiful as the rose that sits outside my window. He made each of them very special and most importantly, He made that visable to me. I finally got it when I left. I learned how to accept on every level and even through imperfect children, I fell into deep love.

Just like the sun rises faithfully every morning over Bonzai my God stays faithful to me. He knew and still knows that I miss them every day. He knows that the experiences I had in Saipan that year I wouldn't have words to describe. God is faithful to stand by my side everyday, He puts a song in my heart and a smile on my face. God is good! He promises He will be the same yesterday, today, and forever. No need to worry about the days...He's in control if we let Him be.

So yea, the holiday season is hard when I think of what I was doing last year and how in love I was (and didn't know it), but God's shown a love that I didn't know existed. When He does that for you just take His gift and RUN! He just showed you a piece of Him!!! WOOHOO!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Gut Feelings (gotta love em')

Last Friday night I laid down around midnight, shut my eyes, and tried to go to sleep. At 12:30 I heard a deadly scream ....I opened my eyes and knew instantly something was wrong. Do you ever have those strong gut feelings? I did and jumped out of bed. I opened the door and there was a girl passed out, having a seizure. Her friend gathered around to get her away from the wall. Of course there wasn't enough room for me so I timed the seizure. It lasted a whole 61 seconds. CRAZY! I called the paramedics and they came and took her to the hospital. The moments were so intense. I'm glad that God gives strong gut feelings. Maybe they needed someone to call the ambulance. The paramedics did ask me how long it lasted. I'm glad I woke up and timed it.
Grant used to tell me that he'd trust me while in Saipan when I'd have those gut feelings. I mean, sometimes they'd be good and sometimes really bad. The bad ones I'd have to watch out for. If I didn't listen to those then I'd end up in a nasty creek without a paddle.
All quarter I've been having crazy gut feelings. Feelings about school, guys, driving, the "seizure incident." For instance there was this crazy guy, didn't look crazy, came into the coffee shop and he kept talking to me. Nothing wrong with that, right? I started getting those bad gut feelings and I asked him to leave me alone, but no way. He kept being really gut kept telling me, "Britni, he's hitting on you. Get away from him." I so rudely walked off and told the cashier that he was bothering me. She asked him to leave and he made a big scene. Later, the cashier, who is now my friend, said he'd been in there all week bothering girls.
Gut feelings....are they feelings that God gives you?
Is it like a subconsious speaking to you?
Is it like periferal vision? It's not directly seen, but you can definately see it coming.
All I know is whatevers been happening this year God is protecting me. Me and my gut know each other so well. It's actually a very cool feeling.
I think God gives me ill or good feelings in my gut that tell my brain what to do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2 down 10 to go (quarters)

Final exams are finally OVER! I have just completed two quarters of OT school and it feels so good. I still wonder if I'll ever reach the day when I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel?

I went to the OT seniors final research presentations last week. They worked so hard and studied so hard for three years and finally a sigh of relief was breathed after they finished. They looked so relieved and happy to finally see their goal in sight. Just one more quarter of fieldwork and boards. "There is a light at the end of the tunnel" they reassured me....I can't wait for that day!

I know I was in a lot of peoples prayers and well, I want to post this verse that helped me get through this hard time. I hope that it will help you. Thanks for your prayers.
Psalm 60:11-12
"Give us help for the hard task; human help is worthless. In God we'll do our very best; he'll flatten the opposition for good."

Also, I ran another race, the Holiday Classic, here in Loma Linda. It was a total 9.2 miles. I finished in 1:29:43. I was one place away from getting a metal. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? I never thought I'd be able to run all that so fast. Thanks Dr. Ken!! You got me into this crazy sport =)

I volunteer at the hospital every week for about 3 hours. There's a man from Switzerland that moved to CA 2 months ago. He didn't speak much english and after living here 2 weeks, he got into a car accident. His spinal cord was damaged and he was told he might be a paraplegic. He went into surgery and worked hard in in-patient rehab. That's where I met him. I was going by his room one day and gave him a teddy bear from the rehab center. He was thrilled and promised me he'd work hard to let me see him walk again. I smiled and encouraged him.
One month later I saw a man from the back walking down the hall. He turned around and said, "Hey Britni I can walk!! See me? I'm walking!!" I laughed and gave him a high five and said "You are incredible!" Two weeks after that I saw him again. He was being discharged from the hospital and left a note for me to meet him in the cafeteria. I did and he told me he had something for me in his room. We jogged to his room and he gave me a note. It said, "Thank you for the teddy bear. It was much appreciated. I will always remember the day you came in to encourage me."

That's why I volunteer. God can do amazing things in your life if you let Him. I was able to pray with this pt and encourage him the way that God encourages me.

Oh yea, he knows a lot more english because he was there for so long. :)

May God give you peace this holiday season. Take a minute a recognize the goodness of friendship, family, and everyday blessings He showers on you. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Lindsay Hall's Gingerbread Island

Our dorm had a gingerbread house contest and someone made a little island hut :)

It reminded me of a little island called Saipan.

Tell me how cute is this!?! ;)

My Friend Melissa :)

I was surprised one morning to find my good friend Melissa Polinar at sabbath school. Melissa sings, plays, and writes all her music. She has a beautiful soulful gospel sounding voice. I thank God for Melissa because many time in Saipan, when I felt so alone, her music lifted my soul. God graces us with many gifts. Melissa is the perfect example of using hers to highest power she possibly can. She has given it all to God, even when it was hard. She has blessed my life and many others through her music. Thank you Melissa!

Find your gift and use it ULTIMATELY for God! Don't give Him half of it, give it ALL of it! :)

Have a happy sabbath!

oh yea, if you want to hear Melissa visit her myspace at

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mission Inn 10k

Since everyones talking about running I suppose I have to write about my experience too :)

Before the the lopers do the LA Marathon we enter several small races starting in November. I ran my first small 10k race two weeks ago. The MISSION INN run. Art, my running "coach" and I got there in plenty of time to get our numbers and a good spot at the starting line.
As the race started Art told me to slow down. I looked at him dumbly and said, "Are you crazy...this is down hill." He warned me that the first part of the race was downhill and somewhere around mile 4 we gradually hit a steady incline and a few tough hills.

I felt like an idiot running slow on these downhills while David, my lab instructor from undergrad passed me up saying, "See ya at the finish" with a big smile.

The goal was to finish the 6.2 in under one hour which I did :)
When I got tired Art always reminds me of reasons why I run, my grammy, she had post polio and is not able to run, myself, and my goals.
I even passed David at mile 4.6 with a smile on MY face (HA) and I know that's not very nice of me...but heck, I'm human and it felt good!
I finished overall #221 out of 751. Who knew there were 500 ppl behind me!
AND I finished 6th in female runners for my age

I guess training pays off. I'm not fast, but I know I have the endurance to finish.
SO....I encourage all of you that are doing the turkey runs this thanksgiving! Good luck and thank God for your legs :)


Sunday, October 28, 2007

quick update

Alright....Time to catch up-

I went on a camping trip two weekends ago with the second year dental students. We piled in a car and headed to Big Bear Lake. The "men" couldn't read the map, so the girls had to help get us there. There was a nice fire, since it was FREEZING outside, hot dogs, nice people, singing, worship, and best of all, S'mores. It started raining in the middle of the night, but it was all good. It reminded me of camping on Managaha with Missy and Layla (except a bit colder;) )

It was a beautiful weekend! :)
Second big thing happening is all the fires in CA. People have had to evacuate their homes. I've smelt fire for the past two weeks. Speaking of, I've had to run inside on the tredmile in fear my lungs would fail. No Good! I just completed mile 15 this morning :) GO LOPERS!!

Third, I got in a car accident last weekend and I thank God that I am okay.
Something new- I'm taking a salsa dancing class with a friend...and I'm loving it :) First lesson was last week and so far, so good.
Lastly, please pray for me. I'm taking several mid-terms and making a presentation this week. I know I'm suppose to be here, but I want to do well.
Thanks guys!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Nothing Post

Sorry about not posting lately. Life got really busy for awhile and I will work on it this weekend. (I promise)

Miss you all!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Gues what??

Foot update...
I do have to admit that my foot was killing me after that stressful 2 hours.
I iced and elevated it all day while I studied Sunday.

Beach Vespers take 2

Having an excuse to go to the beach twice in one week is great! It doesn't get any better then that.

School is getting harder and more overwhelming everyday. As soon as I feel like I have everything under control a professor adds on another assignment. I sometimes think, "What am I doing here?" I had many quizzes and papers due last week, but it came to an end with an peaceful breeze off the California coast reminding me that Jesus has a special plan for me at Loma Linda. The school provided veggie-dogs, corn, chips, drinks, and best of all, S'MORES! One of my favorite things in life is sitting by fire on a beach with friends making S'MORES (it brings back memories of pathfinders and outdoor school in Saipan).

Here are some pictures of Corona Del Mar...
Corona Del Mar....and all the beautiful homes along the beach.
Amy and I

Our "cold faces" was very cold on the beach :/

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Beach Vespers

Me and Amy

Ruth (my roomie), me, and Eric

My friend Eric invited me to the beach with the church group for vespers Saturday afternoon. So being me I invited two other of my friends, Ruth and Amy. We had so much fun. The trip down there was fun. Eric is a big least I hope he was teasing me. haha!

After a beautiful sunset (which doesn't compare to Saipan, btw), some songs, a quick talk about God and his creation, and prayer we went to eat. I was hungry!

I made friends at a Mexican restraunt with two other girls from Washington, Melanie and Christina, and three more people from Argentina, Silvana, Miguel, and Claudio.
We had a wonderful time and it feels good to have new friends to love!
Here's some pics!

Amy and I found an incredibly long piece of seaweed.

Eric, Amy, Ruth, and Gizmo (he's a trip)

Our lovely volunteers for song service :)


My foot feels better this week. I ran a GRAND totaly of 9 MILES!!! That's so lame. Sorry guys...I'll do better this week.

Thanks for the comments on my foot. I believe I've just bruised it or maybe had some tensed muscles.

I was able to talk to Dr. Ken and Crystal last night. THANKS guys! They gave me good advice to not work it to hard. You two are wonderful :) They didn't make me feel so guilty about missing meeting 4 with the running club.

I got new shoes, socks, and a therapy ball that's suppose to help. :)

Thanks Dad!


This week at the church I go to they talked about friendship. How is friendship different then marriage?
Everyone knows I'm not married and no where near making that comittment, but I love friends. I love having them and being there for them. They are healthy and keep me sane in my crazy life.

Two of my best friends from college are Christine Ragnauth and Marco Pinder.
I was privilaged to see them both over my school "break." I hadn't talked to them in some time, but with friends I can pick up right where I left off. That's what I love about these people.

Marco is one of the coolest and closest friend I have. I remember the day we met in SWAU band class. He was really good on his saxaphone. I forgot what I told him, but I'm sure it was something embarrassing. After that we became closer and closer. I've seen Marco struggle, I've seen him mad, happy, I've seen him date different girls...I give my opinions about those to :)
I can't imagine my life without his friendship.
He's a good listener, he tells me when I'm wrong, and best of all he's generous. I don't mean he gives me lots of gift and "stuff," but what I mean is whatever he's doing whether listening, giving me a hug, or whatever he does it generously. I really love this guy. That's what makes our friendship. (oh yea, and he's going to med school :)...he's very smart)

Ti (another great friend), Me, and Marco.
Now with Christine she loves to talk and listen, she's encouraging, and she'll try anything. I love this about her. That's what makes our friendship grow....She calls to encourage, I call to listen, and well, when I want an adventure, she's in!
Unfortunately I don't have a picture of her on my computer. Sorry guys! She's beautiful and is Indian. Use your imagination :)

So back to the question...
I'm not sure how their different (other than intimacy and stuff..), but I hope I marry a friend. Right!?

"Friends are like pillars on your porch. Sometimes they hold you up and sometimes they lean on you."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

someone help me??

I've been running a lot lately. Sunday morning I did 10 miles and towards the end my foot started hurting really bad. (so I walked)

Does anyone have suggestions for what to do?

The pain is on the bottom towards my heel....It's been two days and it hurts more today (tuesday) than it did on Sunday or Monday.

I stopped running since and have iced it every night. I try not to walk so much, but I need to get better to keep up my marathon training.

Someone help? please??

Quarter #1 finished with smiles :)

One quarter down....a billion more to go..(ahhh!)

I finished my first quarter at LLU (with success!) and have been given a two week break. My parents flew me home last Friday. It felt nice to sleep in my own bed, take a bath in my own tub, and open a refrigerator filled with endless GOODNESS. I can eat whatever I want, wake up when I want, and I don't have to study. :) I finally have time to answer the phone and talk to old friends, write e-mails, and watch TV. Life is good!
Here's a pic of me and my sister the Sabbath morning after I arrived in Dallas. I was a little tired.

I miss my puppy- His name is Zues, but I call him "zuesical the musical." What's not to love?

Isn't he just so cute!

Monday, September 3, 2007

TB vrs. DT

I moved back to the states from Saipan excited to get some Taco Bell. SURPRISE! CA doesn't like Taco Bell. They like Del Taco.
TB has running beans mexican.
DT has whole pinto beans. (yuck)

DT has a cheap menu. (eh)
TB has a cheaper menu. (woot woot!)

DT doesn't have apple emanadas. (what were they thinking?)
TB does. (yum)

TB has cute little sauce packets that keep you entertained on road trips. (fun for everyone)
DT does not. (no fun for everyone)

TB is open til 2 am. (TB anytime!)
DT is not. (boo)

Well, maybe my arugment isn't very good, but I still love Taco Bell.
CA does too, they will realize that one day :) and build many of them here.

Exciting Adventures

While I lived in Saipan I had exciting adventures. We'd hop in the back of Old Rusty and have a good ole' adventure. Whether it'd be hiking, scuba diving, taking the kids to the beach, driving to bonzai, or going to Joeten we had an adventure. We met new people, loved life, and laughed a lot.
I try to do those things as much as I can. Me and my girlfriends jumped in the car on Saturday morning to head to the beach. It was Ruth's, my roomies, choice of beach this time. She had to pick Laguna. I knew it'd be crowded, because of Labor day weekend. In knew the water would be cold and the sun "MIGHT" be out, but I was in desperate need of an adventure. As we drove closer to laguna we ran into some detour signs on the road. Funny thing is, when you normally run into "detour" signs they lead you around to get to the same place. Not these detour signs. They didn't take us anywhere! We were lost and we knew we were within 1o minutes of the beach. I could smell the salt in the air.
We stopped at a Del Taco, because they don't eat Taco Bell here. That's another beef I have with this place, but I won't get into that now. Anyways- we stopped to get directions. We got them and went on our way. It took us 2 hours to get to the beach that was 10 minutes away. I really wasn't in the mood for the beach after that. It wasn't an adventure anymore---
It was crowded and to get away from the crowds I jumped in the cold water. Surprisingly I LOVED it. I had so much fun jumping the waves and talking to this surfer girl. She gave me some marathon tips from her last run and encouraged me to keep going. :)
My day turned out to be A-OKAY.

The best adventures aren't planned.

I'll post pics in a bit. Peace out-

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'll run til' I die

Last week I joined a marathon training team, The Loma Linda Lopers. It's been a dream of mine to complete an entire marathon. It all started when Dr. Ken, in Saipan, inspired me to do this. He told me that lots of people do it and I could definately do it. Then I started running with Layla. She was my faithful running partner while I lived in Saipan. We'd run almost every night from "The taco place" to the clinic and back. We got really good at it. My only problem was that my shoes were not so good and I'd often get leg cramps. Layla kept me going and I'd keep her going. When I moved here my dad bought me new shoes and I started running again. I started with 2 miles every night and well, now I do close to 5 everyday. I never thought I could do it.

This morning the Lopers told me that I would need something to keep me going...someone or something, because at mile 18 it gets tough. If I have something to keep me motivated I'll finish the race strong. While I'm running I often thing of all sorts of things, my grammy who has polio who's never been able to run, my kindergarten class in Saipan, Jesus and what he did for me, the men and women suffering from cancer, those that inspired me to keep running, etc....

I could run for many reason. If you have a motivating suggestion please let me know. I'd love to get some input...

I also made a cool new friend. His name is Art (he even has a cool name!). He is in the Lopers to train for his 48th marathon. This dude is AMAZING! I started to drag on the last hill this morning and Art slowed down and handed me his water. He said, "drink." So I did...he said, "no, more!" I did, he said, "no more! Drink it up!" He told me I could stop anytime I wanted to (reverse psychology ;)) I knew I didn't need to. I kept going and the last quarter mile we sprinted ahead of everyone. As we sprinted he was yelling, "don't let them see your weakness!!" hahahah

We finished 7 miles strong! :)

Thanks Dr. Ken and Layla for keeping me running :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Big Stars, Big Cars, Lots of $$

Hollywood here I come!!!
Last weekend I got an invite from my good friend, Tenessa. She told me how her and her sister were getting their hairs cut in Hollywood just for fun and they wanted me to come. I figured it would be fun and well, it was "alright." I had fun strolling the blvd and gazing in the windows of overpriced stuff.

My conclusions is; if I had the money to spend on fancy clothes and really nice cars I wouldn't. My money would go to the church, missions, Breast Cancer foundation, worthy students, education, etc... you get the idea. It was fun for a day, but I couldn't keep the life "they" live.

And since there are individuals that complain I never post pictures of myself. Here is a picture of me and my friend at a restraunt. (enjoy!)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My new protector

I've learned that every place I live has their creepy little animals. In Saipan is
was the horrid shrew would run across my classroom and disrupt whatever attention I had from the class.
Then for ten years I lived in Houston, Texas. Their creepy animal was the slug. Everywhere you went...slugs everywhere!! I'd forget to put on shoes and have a nice surprise when I'd step outside. My mother started sprinkling salt crystals everywhere after it happened to her. :) haha

For another 10 years I lived in Dallas, Texas. Their animal is none other then the possum. I remember one time a possum got in our front yard. Our dog attacked and killed it. My dad had to shovel it to the back yard. As it was "dead" in the shovel, all of sudden woke up and moaned. Little did we know, possums play dead. My dad had to beat the little varmit to it's death with the shovel.

East Texas has nasty little armadillos everywhere! One time I was in the woods on my grandparents property and I found a "herd of em!" There was a pack of 5 family armidillos. Babies, moms, dads, cousins, uncles, name it and it was there!

North Texas has lots of coons! Now, the coon might be dangerous, but he's OOH so cute! I don't really have a problem with the coon :)

Don't get me wrong. These animals are seen almost anywhere in America, but I'm simply telling you where I've seen them.

So you're probably wondering where this is going. There is a point...

I've made a new Loma Linda friend. I call him Pepe Le Peu .... He's been following me many nights now. I walk from the library to the dorm and there he is. Every night watching out for me. He's beautiful and dangerous. I can't get to close...he might spray me with that horrendous rank smell. I'd like to think he's watching out for me ready to spray any one that tries to attack.

What animal stocks your home?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Have you ever missed being somewhere so much that you wished you could freeze time and visit that place and come back, unfreeze, and not miss a thing?
I've felt like that for the past week.
Things have been happening that keep reminding me of Saipan. I know that there are only few people that understand how heart breaking it is to leave Saipan after you've made friends and an island family.
I miss surprising Uncle Dennis and Aunt Judy with cookies, Uncle Mark and Aunt Tammy's dives, Tacos with the gang, Sunday morning runs w/ the Piersons, watching deep blue with Greg, teasing John, singing with Grant, Pastor Eliki's crazy smile when he get's excited, oh yea and who can forget the Schmidt's and their beautiful home, visiting Kinder parents, eating great foods, endless nights of The OC with the girls, vespers at the Maycocks, Aunt Judy's attempted excuse to get me out of prior comittments :), singing so loud and dancing so hard with kindergarten, Alvins hugs, Quincy's smile, Cryus' knowledge, Goodman's behavior (yes, believe it or not, i miss it), Jonah's beautiful eyes and how he'd get bashful when I'd tell him that, I miss the church and helping teach, forgetting to bring food for potluck (oops), laughing so hard with Barbara when the "ice cakey man" tried to argue in fron of the church (haha), and of course, the GORGEOUS sunrises Saturday mornings on Bonzai....
Oh dear, the list could go on for days-(I won't put you through that)
I miss you guys! You will always be held close to my heart. Thank you for the good times :)
These are some of my favorite little people on Saipan.
okay- this is your time to leave encouraging words...
just playing-
Aren't my kiddos cute??

Sunday, August 5, 2007

My good week in a nut shell

This week many good things have happened.
And I will tell you all about order of my excitement (1 being the most).

1. Ken and Crystal were kind enough to share their limited time with me while in LL. We drank Boba tea at the park. I got to meet Kens dog. AND best of all I got to spend the time with some of my most favorite people in the universe!

Thank you Ken and Crystal!

2. I passed Gross Antomy. Looking back on those late nights in the library, someone drilling me on orgin, insertion, nerve innervation, and action of every muscle in the body, I can honestly say I don't miss it at all! I'M FINISHED with that mess-

3. Sunday I got to talk to Krystal, one of my best friends from undergrad, and Christine, my best friend. I haven't talked to them in weeks. Christine was driving back from a fun trip to Oklahoma with her mom, brother, and baby cousin. Krystal is driving to California Monday morning and I might actually get to see her this weekend :)

4. I discovered the Drayson's dry sauna this morning after my swim. It was truly A-Mazing! I don't know what it is about sweating, but I kind of like it.

5. Lastly, the man at starbucks gave me a vente for the price of a tall. It was my lucky day folks!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

United by Tragedy

In 1998 Swissair Flight 111 crashed into the North Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Nova Scotia. Two hundred twenty-nine people died, one whole family of 5, another family of 6, a baby, a teenage boy headed on an adventure, and many others.

This weekend I met the man who's teenage boy died in this tragic accident. He told me his story and then gave me his book signed. Dr. David Wilkins is an Opthamologist in Loma Linda CA. His book tells the tragedy so well and also makes a dynamic point. He tells of how his family found a "relunctant-fraturnity' of people who didn't know them but knew their pain and reached out to share in their suffering...God does not leave us alone."

I'd recommend reading this book. It will inspire you as it did me :)

"In the aftermath of the crash of Swissair Flight 111, one-time stragers found themselves...
United By Tragedy" by David Wilkins with Cecil Murphey.

R.I.P. Monte Wilkins

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer vacation

My parents and little sister spent their "summer vacation" in Southern CA this year because my bother and I are here. I am in school and he's starts in a week or so. We both can't leave to meet the rest of the family, so they come to us. I think it's pretty nice because they stayed in Palm Springs and theirs nothing their unless you golf. They don't golf- lol...

Both this weekend and last I stayed with my parents in their condo in Palm Springs. Both weekends we had a blast hiking, eating out, watching movies, swimming, and basically doing nothing. It was great...we had no plan or event we had to be at. We did what we wanted when we wanted to. In fact, I've done the best I've ever done on the tests I had in Anatomy. I love hanging out with my family. It's relaxing to not have to think about school and to be in someones company who loves you.
My mom said something this weekend that I thought I'd share with you. She said, "It's better to go through life in pairs/groups then by yourself." There are hard things in life like, school, jobs, people, church, etc....whatever it may be know that it's better to have someone with you. In my life I instantly thought of school. If I was trying to do it by myself I would suck; God is there, my family, several friends that never fail to encourage me, my church family, Grants weekend phone calls, grammys e-mails...the list goes on..
Just make sure you're not by yourself whatevers going on in your life. :) It makes it a lot easier to live.

Here are some pics of the "vacation"
This is the view outside of their condo

This was the SDA summer camp, Cedar Falls, we found on our way up to Big Bear. They let us hike around and we found some really beautiful water falls.

That's the gang- dad, Ben, and mom.

My mom and pops :) (sorry it's a little blurry)

Me and the waterfall. I had to hike up to it and then climb that fallen tree. It was cool =)

My crazy sister being silly=)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My great date with Mai

I love Ms. Odiyar!!!

My good friend Mai came to visit me at LLU!

It was nice to reminence about the good times spent in saipan. I love this girl to death. She told me some of her ideas for her class next year. They sounded great. Mai- you will be amazing and I will be praying for you every step of the way.

We met up with some of her friends and ate ice cream in a park (honestly I was a little creeped out by the homeless men walking around so we left)

Here we are...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

July 4th weekend

Okay, this is a little late, but last weekend (July 7-8) me, Ruth, Cassi, and Merrie went to Merrie's cousins house. (THE Knutson's)

Merrie had told us all about this wonderful family she was related to and how we had to meet them. We decided on whim to go to the beach and stay the night at Dr. Knutson's house. We didn't know him or his family, but Merrie said it was okay, so then it had to be "okay." We didn't argue...we needed a weekend out. Sabbath morning we headed out on our adventure to Del Mar beach.

When we got there, Dr. K and his family were so sweet, fed us, and gave us a tour of the house.
The pool :)
The Knutsons are faithful divers of the South Pacific. We had lots to talk about since I was an SM there this last year. Mrs. K was an SM in Thailand while in college and her son Mike was an SM last year.
Their beautiful BIG dog Lizzie.
The K's have three sons. TJ married, Mike is headed to Dental school in Sept here at LLU, and Mark is a senior in highschool. Mark was kind enough to let the girls stay in his room. We totally took it over. Pillows, blankets, clothes, anything you can think of was everywhere. This guy is cool. Thanks Mark!

Sabbath afternoon the "guys" took us surfing. This is one of their many "water" hobbies. We loaded the surf boards and hit the water. Surfing is way harder then it looks....I remember Grant took me August last year and it was fun because the water was warm and the sun was shinning bright (even if I wasn't very good).

This surfing experience was a little different. The waves crashed into our bodies hard....the water was cold. The clouds covered the sun- It sucked! When we all decided we had had enough we headed to the hot tub. You didn't have to ask Ruth and I twice. We were the first in.
Me on the COLD Del Mar beach-
Here are the gals- Me, Cassi, and Ruth (and yes, I am very cold....and have found my new love...Surfing-)

Sadly we didn't get any photo's of the Knutson's. As we drove off we realized that we didn't even get a photo with this wonderful family. No worries though, we'll be back for more fun soon!

I thank God for wonderful Christians like the Knutsons. :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Last random 8...this is so random

I guess I've been tagged by Bev (thanks Bev...this is a fun study break!)

1. Last concert I went to- hmm...a violin concert last weekend. The violinist is a 12 year old prodigy. It was very nice indeed.

2. Last purchase was a vege-meatball sub at the patio pantry with some yummy mango juice.

3. Last time I got pulled over...well, that's never happened to me. Closest thing was I ran a red and a camera took my picture. (so I smiled :))

4. Last TV show I watched was maybe either Survivor or Lost with Sean. (yes, it's been that long)

5. Last Drink: zero coke-

6. Last song played on my "ZEN"...Melissa Polinar

7. Last time I cried: haha- I'm sucha baby. I cried yesterday :( I think something inside me loves it when I cry.

8. Last phone call I received: From my momma telling me they landed in CA safe and are coming to see me :)

So there ya have it.

Friday, July 6, 2007

My fourth consisted of study--

I've realized that in graduate school you really have no life. Good thing our teachers end school at noon on Fridays to observe sabbath hours. Our tests are completed on Fridays, so that gives us a free weekend. We can do whatever we want....even if that means sleep ALL day! (which I have done)

Last weekend was my first official sabbath. I found a church that I really like. Surprisingly, I acutally knew the pastor. I love the music and sermons and people. Everyone was/is so friendly. I ended up sitting next to two of my TAs (teachers assistants) in church. Cassi (my PT friend) went with me. She's one of the funniest gals I know. There's never a dull moment when she's
around. We all went to eat at CPK afterwards. It was good to make new friends. That's one of the worst things about moving to new places. You have to start over and make friends (so far, so good though)
note- thanks to those who encourage me and spend hours on the phone with me;)
Mai Rhea, my friend from Saipan is coming next weekend. I plan to have Boba tea with her. My parents are also coming to visit. I can't wait to see them either. I've talked to them almost everyday on the phone so far. They keep telling me "you can do it...just keep studying one day at a time"...haha...I think the encouragement and suppose really work.
Here are some pictures of me and my new friends.

Me, Ruth (my roomie, also OT), and CJ (a friend in the PTA program) My friend Cassi has a pool in her kitchen....HA!
My beautiful friends- Ruth and Cassi

Have a great weekend!