Monday, January 21, 2008

My first Caramel Apple

My first caramel apple with nuts!Amy and I
Amy, Beth and I

I have a new friend that has touched my heart. Her name is Beth. One Friday afternoon she took Amy and I to a place called Oak Glen. I didn't know what to expect. It was a "surprise," she told us. All we knew was it was sorta like an apple farm. Whatever that's suppose to mean?! Beth drove us way out to the country side where the roads get curvy. Rows and rows of apple trees swarmed the fields. Finally we parked the car in front of an old general store and country cooking resteraunt. I felt as if I had gone back in time 80 years. There was large sign that said, "Welcome to Oak Glen" and a path that led up to a little town with dirt roads. There was a petting zoo with animals to feed and even fishing! In the town was several old stores with candy, hand-made crafts, jewelry, and guns. It was wonderful! A sight to behold!!! Petting zoos, old general stores, ducks, gun shows, lama's, sheep, candy, CHOCOLATE and best of all, yummy chocolate covered caramel apples with nuts! The first and best caramel apple I've ever had. If you're ever in Southern California call me. I'll take you :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Marathon update...

When I joined the LL Lopers at mile 4 I was huffin' and puffin' up Mountain View Pkwy. Mountain View Pkwy is a gradual incline, not very steep, basically a "woosi" hill. When I mastered that we moved on to 6 miles and we hit Woodier. The thought went through my head, "please cut my legs off and give them to someone who knows how to use them." I wanted to cry, in fact, I probably did. Art, my coach, cheered me up that hill every week. At mile 15 I wanted to hurt myself on purpose so I couldn't run....dumb idea. I know!? Last week I completed 20 miles. This week I ran 13.2 in 'hilly highlands" me, it was very hilly.

It's simple. I have a goal and I'm going to reach it. Yes, it will be painful and at times dangerous, but I will train to reach it.

Why don't we train to reach the goal of heaven? I was thinking this morning at 6am , "why I get up soOOO early to run? When I know I'm NOT a morning person." That sounds so dumb! It's because it feels good to know I'm getting one step closer to my marathon goal. I'm falling in love with running! I feel healthy, have lost 20 lbs, and have so much energy.

I used to get up at 5 am, once a week, to hear what God had to say to me when I lived in Saipan. I found a place I could be alone with HIM. God has given me peace, health, and a spiritual drive. Ultimately, I'm training to be a disciple of Christ. Aren't we all?

Friday, January 11, 2008

I've been tagged =)

Alright guys, I've been tagged.
Sean Maycock has tagged me to write down 20 things I remember about Saipan. O boy, this gonna be really fun!

1. I remember signing up to move to Saipan and then thinking, "wait, I don't even know where that's at!?" lol

2. I remember people, who I didn't know at the time, picking me up from the airport in the middle of the night. Driving through the jungle was super scary. I had no idea what to think of this place. "Was I going to have to sleep in a hut?!"

3. I remember staying at the Pastors house the first night I was there and getting up to find out there was no water. I had to take a shower with a ladle and bucket of water. (I was thankful I had that!)

4. I remember millions of tank swims with the SMs. I always wanted to stay by Grant, because I thought he could protect me from the eagle rays and stuff that could eat me. =) thanks Grant!

5. I remember the awesome feeling of the cool breeze and Jesus speaking to my heart when I'd spend time with Him on Bonzai Cliff on Sabbath mornings.

6. I remember Alvin's sweet smile and little hand. After a long day he'd come to me and put a hand on my arm and say, "I love you Ms. Britni." It'd make my heart melt.

7. I remember renting movie after movie at Blockbuster ...actually OC seasons.

8. I remember Taste of India and the cool tea trick the owner would do to get us to clap and cheer.

9. I remember Aunt Judy, Uncle Dennis, Aunt Tammy, and Uncle Mark teaching me to dive. I dove almost every site on island that year.

10. I remember going to coffee care after a long week at school. We'd get out computers and surf the net while we drank some yummy coffee. Oh yea, and the cute waiter who wanted to date.

11. I remember playing capture the flag at Managaha with our students. I hid in the jungle for 2 hours in the same place. It started raining and it was then I felt like a true missionary hiding from something...great feeling. We lost btw. SAD :(

12. I remember finding out that I could pay someone to wash and fold my laundry for only $3 while I sat in the coffee shop. Saipan is amazing!

13. I remember the first time I spotted a sea turtle 5 yards from me under water. I was diving with Ken, Crystal, Layla, and Gregory. It was a big day for me :)

14. I remember taking my kinder class to the zoo and showing the zoo keeper how much they knew about all the animals classes. :) proud moment.

16. I remember Mai and I sneaking away to the Mandi for our last relaxing moment before I left island. :)

17. I remember new years. It sounded like the island was being bombed. LITERALLY. Jesco wouldn't get out of our house. Thank God for Jerry...he got em out.

18. I remember sitting on the beach watching the sun go down as Grant played my favorite songs on his guitar (now Mai's)

19. I remember the friends I made and how they knew exactly what I needed when I needed it. Sean always new when I needed an encouraging word. Grant knew when I needed a hug, no words. There was a specific time when I felt like my heart had been broken by someone and the girls took me to the beach and just sat. We watched the sun go was beautiful. If God can do something like that than He can surely help me. Dr. Ken and Crystal treating Layla and I to breakfast Sunday mornings before diving, after runs. Our dive buddies and lawyer friends inspired me to go back to the states and be the best I can be. These friends helped my heart grow. They nourished it and showed me what I need to do to love others. Thanks guys!

20. Lastly, I remember when those high school kids died at Forbidden. It was very sad for me...I didn't know them, but my heart broke for those parents and families dealing with the unfortunate events life throws.

There are lots of other memories I wish I could write down, but I just jotted down the ones off the top of my head. This was fun! Thanks Sean!

I tag- Ken&Crystal, Bev, and Rosana :)

Have fun guys!