Friday, February 29, 2008

Ready or not, LA here I !

It's finally here! Can you believe it?? Art and I took the train up to LA today (which I'm proud to say it was my first time on a train and subway). We walked around the EXPO for a few hours- I'm pumped now. I bought my gu and got an awesome masseage :) I can't believe I'm running 26.2 miles!! AHH!

Here's some blurry pics of today. Enjoy =)

this is Art, my top dog coach
This is me and a big bear

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Catch up time #2

Hi guys!
Every quarter of school seems to fly by ever so quickly. I never even realize the last two weeks because I feel like I'm in my books or running around trying to get projects done. L.A. marathon is coming up in 5 days. I should be excited, but I haven't really thought much about it. My homework is taking over my life....ha!
This last weekend I spent sabbath morning at the park by myself. It was WONDERFUL! Everyone needs time for reflection. I was due- I'm reading this book by Max Lucado called "A love worth giving." He says that mercy is the deepest gesture of kindness. AND we all know "Love is kind" (1 cor. 13:4) It's easy to be kind and have mercy for everyone around me. The hard part is having kindness and mercy on myself. God knows and understands my heart. He's the only one that does :) He doesn't hold back his love, so why should I? He is kind to us, so let us be kind to ourselves. It's least for me it is.
Okay, so when I was done studying, I went and ate with Ron and T-Rex (Travis) and then headed up to the mountains for a hike. The guys didn't go- they were sick. BUT I went and had a good time meeting new people and being out in nature. It's so peaceful up there.
That night I went to bed early knowing that I had to wake up SUPER early for my last 10 mile run.
Art and I ate bagels instead of running =) We love those bagels and we're so ready for that

That's about it for now...O yea...and Ron had PUPPIES!
just playing- He didn't have pups- his roomie brought 10 of them home with their mother. All I have to say is they're going to have one stinky backyard. GOOD LUCK Ronald ;)

Please send some prayers up for my upcoming test and a safe run this weekend
God Bless!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm still alive-

Sorry guys for not posting. Life has been SUPER busy and I'm trying to slow down (but that's obviously not working)...

I was running two weeks ago with my friend Ron outside on the dark streets of the Loma talking Ron's ear off when all of a sudden I trip over a rock not even the size of my fist. SAD STORY- I sprained my ankle. What's more sad is that I was suppose to run the Highland Half marathon that weekend. I didn't run coach, Art, said he wouldn't let me. :( It broke my heart for a week not to be able to run. Now that I'm running it's 4 weeks til' marathon time....Wish me luck guys! I do 22 miles on Sunday. It will be the farthest I've ever gone.

School's going okay. I enjoy the classes that are interactive...otherwise research sucks!

Guess what!?!? My parents are coming out here in less then 2 weeks. I'm very excited about that because I miss them and just wanna chill with family.

I ate at the Soup farm or whatever it's called this last week. VERY TASTY! I like soup and salad a lot so Ron picked a good place to eat.

Oh yea and I went to one of my favorite places on aquarium! Specifically, Aquarium of the Pacific. It's was super fun and it was the closest thing to diving since Saipan. There was actually a diver cleaning a tank and I gave him the "okay" sign. He took out his regulator and smiled with the "okay" sign. DIVERS UNITE!!! okay, that was cheesey...but you divers probably now how I feel.

Anyways- That's it for now. I have to get back to studying, but I wanted to let you all know I'm still alive...just not posting right now.

Peace out--