Sunday, September 30, 2007

Beach Vespers

Me and Amy

Ruth (my roomie), me, and Eric

My friend Eric invited me to the beach with the church group for vespers Saturday afternoon. So being me I invited two other of my friends, Ruth and Amy. We had so much fun. The trip down there was fun. Eric is a big least I hope he was teasing me. haha!

After a beautiful sunset (which doesn't compare to Saipan, btw), some songs, a quick talk about God and his creation, and prayer we went to eat. I was hungry!

I made friends at a Mexican restraunt with two other girls from Washington, Melanie and Christina, and three more people from Argentina, Silvana, Miguel, and Claudio.
We had a wonderful time and it feels good to have new friends to love!
Here's some pics!

Amy and I found an incredibly long piece of seaweed.

Eric, Amy, Ruth, and Gizmo (he's a trip)

Our lovely volunteers for song service :)


My foot feels better this week. I ran a GRAND totaly of 9 MILES!!! That's so lame. Sorry guys...I'll do better this week.

Thanks for the comments on my foot. I believe I've just bruised it or maybe had some tensed muscles.

I was able to talk to Dr. Ken and Crystal last night. THANKS guys! They gave me good advice to not work it to hard. You two are wonderful :) They didn't make me feel so guilty about missing meeting 4 with the running club.

I got new shoes, socks, and a therapy ball that's suppose to help. :)

Thanks Dad!


This week at the church I go to they talked about friendship. How is friendship different then marriage?
Everyone knows I'm not married and no where near making that comittment, but I love friends. I love having them and being there for them. They are healthy and keep me sane in my crazy life.

Two of my best friends from college are Christine Ragnauth and Marco Pinder.
I was privilaged to see them both over my school "break." I hadn't talked to them in some time, but with friends I can pick up right where I left off. That's what I love about these people.

Marco is one of the coolest and closest friend I have. I remember the day we met in SWAU band class. He was really good on his saxaphone. I forgot what I told him, but I'm sure it was something embarrassing. After that we became closer and closer. I've seen Marco struggle, I've seen him mad, happy, I've seen him date different girls...I give my opinions about those to :)
I can't imagine my life without his friendship.
He's a good listener, he tells me when I'm wrong, and best of all he's generous. I don't mean he gives me lots of gift and "stuff," but what I mean is whatever he's doing whether listening, giving me a hug, or whatever he does it generously. I really love this guy. That's what makes our friendship. (oh yea, and he's going to med school :)...he's very smart)

Ti (another great friend), Me, and Marco.
Now with Christine she loves to talk and listen, she's encouraging, and she'll try anything. I love this about her. That's what makes our friendship grow....She calls to encourage, I call to listen, and well, when I want an adventure, she's in!
Unfortunately I don't have a picture of her on my computer. Sorry guys! She's beautiful and is Indian. Use your imagination :)

So back to the question...
I'm not sure how their different (other than intimacy and stuff..), but I hope I marry a friend. Right!?

"Friends are like pillars on your porch. Sometimes they hold you up and sometimes they lean on you."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

someone help me??

I've been running a lot lately. Sunday morning I did 10 miles and towards the end my foot started hurting really bad. (so I walked)

Does anyone have suggestions for what to do?

The pain is on the bottom towards my heel....It's been two days and it hurts more today (tuesday) than it did on Sunday or Monday.

I stopped running since and have iced it every night. I try not to walk so much, but I need to get better to keep up my marathon training.

Someone help? please??

Quarter #1 finished with smiles :)

One quarter down....a billion more to go..(ahhh!)

I finished my first quarter at LLU (with success!) and have been given a two week break. My parents flew me home last Friday. It felt nice to sleep in my own bed, take a bath in my own tub, and open a refrigerator filled with endless GOODNESS. I can eat whatever I want, wake up when I want, and I don't have to study. :) I finally have time to answer the phone and talk to old friends, write e-mails, and watch TV. Life is good!
Here's a pic of me and my sister the Sabbath morning after I arrived in Dallas. I was a little tired.

I miss my puppy- His name is Zues, but I call him "zuesical the musical." What's not to love?

Isn't he just so cute!

Monday, September 3, 2007

TB vrs. DT

I moved back to the states from Saipan excited to get some Taco Bell. SURPRISE! CA doesn't like Taco Bell. They like Del Taco.
TB has running beans mexican.
DT has whole pinto beans. (yuck)

DT has a cheap menu. (eh)
TB has a cheaper menu. (woot woot!)

DT doesn't have apple emanadas. (what were they thinking?)
TB does. (yum)

TB has cute little sauce packets that keep you entertained on road trips. (fun for everyone)
DT does not. (no fun for everyone)

TB is open til 2 am. (TB anytime!)
DT is not. (boo)

Well, maybe my arugment isn't very good, but I still love Taco Bell.
CA does too, they will realize that one day :) and build many of them here.

Exciting Adventures

While I lived in Saipan I had exciting adventures. We'd hop in the back of Old Rusty and have a good ole' adventure. Whether it'd be hiking, scuba diving, taking the kids to the beach, driving to bonzai, or going to Joeten we had an adventure. We met new people, loved life, and laughed a lot.
I try to do those things as much as I can. Me and my girlfriends jumped in the car on Saturday morning to head to the beach. It was Ruth's, my roomies, choice of beach this time. She had to pick Laguna. I knew it'd be crowded, because of Labor day weekend. In knew the water would be cold and the sun "MIGHT" be out, but I was in desperate need of an adventure. As we drove closer to laguna we ran into some detour signs on the road. Funny thing is, when you normally run into "detour" signs they lead you around to get to the same place. Not these detour signs. They didn't take us anywhere! We were lost and we knew we were within 1o minutes of the beach. I could smell the salt in the air.
We stopped at a Del Taco, because they don't eat Taco Bell here. That's another beef I have with this place, but I won't get into that now. Anyways- we stopped to get directions. We got them and went on our way. It took us 2 hours to get to the beach that was 10 minutes away. I really wasn't in the mood for the beach after that. It wasn't an adventure anymore---
It was crowded and to get away from the crowds I jumped in the cold water. Surprisingly I LOVED it. I had so much fun jumping the waves and talking to this surfer girl. She gave me some marathon tips from her last run and encouraged me to keep going. :)
My day turned out to be A-OKAY.

The best adventures aren't planned.

I'll post pics in a bit. Peace out-