Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here are a few of Britni's mind blurbs at 9pm on Tuesday night-
1. I can't see the end of the tunnel even though I'm reminded.
I sit in class. My professors going on and on about how I'm more than half way done with academic work. My brain is buzzing with words...pictures...people...lots of useless information. I sarcastically think "woop di doo"...one more year left.

2. "I thought teaching kindergarten took it out of me some days. Autistic kids are WAY worse (even when it's 1 on 1 treatment). God help me the rest of the week."

3. "My traffic ticket was how much?!!??! $420!!!"

4. "There was 1 autistic kid that told me I was thin and made me princess aurora from sleeping beauty. He came to save me in the "castle" and instead of waking me up with a pretend kiss...he really did kiss me. HA!" (ok, so there was the highlight of my day)

5. "Dang, I wish I was playing volleyball...or getting some form of exercise this week"

6. "I hope Ron has a break to call me tonight. That would complete me =)"

7. "I have a craving to buy a new ...something...anything"

8. "A shower sounds great right now"

9. "I've made up my mind...going to shower"

Peace out ya'll