Friday, November 30, 2007

Lindsay Hall's Gingerbread Island

Our dorm had a gingerbread house contest and someone made a little island hut :)

It reminded me of a little island called Saipan.

Tell me how cute is this!?! ;)

My Friend Melissa :)

I was surprised one morning to find my good friend Melissa Polinar at sabbath school. Melissa sings, plays, and writes all her music. She has a beautiful soulful gospel sounding voice. I thank God for Melissa because many time in Saipan, when I felt so alone, her music lifted my soul. God graces us with many gifts. Melissa is the perfect example of using hers to highest power she possibly can. She has given it all to God, even when it was hard. She has blessed my life and many others through her music. Thank you Melissa!

Find your gift and use it ULTIMATELY for God! Don't give Him half of it, give it ALL of it! :)

Have a happy sabbath!

oh yea, if you want to hear Melissa visit her myspace at

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mission Inn 10k

Since everyones talking about running I suppose I have to write about my experience too :)

Before the the lopers do the LA Marathon we enter several small races starting in November. I ran my first small 10k race two weeks ago. The MISSION INN run. Art, my running "coach" and I got there in plenty of time to get our numbers and a good spot at the starting line.
As the race started Art told me to slow down. I looked at him dumbly and said, "Are you crazy...this is down hill." He warned me that the first part of the race was downhill and somewhere around mile 4 we gradually hit a steady incline and a few tough hills.

I felt like an idiot running slow on these downhills while David, my lab instructor from undergrad passed me up saying, "See ya at the finish" with a big smile.

The goal was to finish the 6.2 in under one hour which I did :)
When I got tired Art always reminds me of reasons why I run, my grammy, she had post polio and is not able to run, myself, and my goals.
I even passed David at mile 4.6 with a smile on MY face (HA) and I know that's not very nice of me...but heck, I'm human and it felt good!
I finished overall #221 out of 751. Who knew there were 500 ppl behind me!
AND I finished 6th in female runners for my age

I guess training pays off. I'm not fast, but I know I have the endurance to finish.
SO....I encourage all of you that are doing the turkey runs this thanksgiving! Good luck and thank God for your legs :)