Friday, June 22, 2007

the first week- FINALLY OVER!

Hey everyone,
Here's the scoop....
I just completed my first week of gross anatomy. I've never study so much, learned so much, and been so stressed out in one week. I just finished my first written and practical test today. (eeeekk!)

This class is very intense. We cover avg. 20 pages of the syllabus a day and then have a "hands-on" lab. In lab we disect cadavers and then every friday are tested over everything we learned. In the test we have 60 seconds to answer a question like, "what is the insertion and orgin of this muscle?" (the muscle is tagged)...
It was very stressful. 70 questions total/35 cadavers.
Other then that I am doing okay
Here's some pics....Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!
My view- Loma Linda
Me in front of my dorm :) where there are so many hummingbirds.
My roomie- Ruth Duran :) (she's super fun and super smart!)

The hospital and medical/dental school. Most of my classes not here...haha

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My new friend, The Drayson Center

Happy fathers day!

My dad actually left on a plane back to Texas on Saturday. I had a good time while he was here. He spent lots of money taking Ben and I out to eat :) He made sure I had everything I needed. He even gave me a car! Fathers are an amazing gift from God. Don't forget to thank God for your fathers=)

Today is one of those lazy days. In Saipan, days like this would be spent at Java Joes. My "spot" was the little booth in the corner of the coffee shop. Me, my coffee, and internet. I was content. I'm not in Saipan anymore. *sigh-

I stared at the ceiling from my bed and wished I could sleep all day. I got up. Finished some online class work and then headed to the Drayson Center. I thought I'd check it out. Maybe run a couple miles...relieve the stress. Ya know? The Drayson is decieving- it looks small, but it really isn't.

For those of you that think you went to a school with a great gym, I'm here to tell you that your gym doesn't compare to mine. =) Mine is THE GREATEST GYM.

Today was Britni's first official tour of THE Drayson Center. The Drayson Center consist of several offices, classrooms, a student lounge, 5 racketball courts, a weight room, an aerobic room, several aerobic classrooms, guys/girls locker rooms, 2 pools, a sauna, jacuzzi, 4 tennis courts, huge open fields for soccer/football/baseball, 2 beach volleyball courts, indoor track, 4 indoor basketball courts, and my personal favorite a sports massage room. I love the Drayson Center!

It gave me so much energy that I had no problem running 3 miles. AHH....working out isn't a task anymore.

Tip of the day---
If your ever going to move to Southern California you're going to have to drink 3 times as much water in a normal day. If you workout drink 5 times as much. It's the hottest place in the United States.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Pictures from the Adventure to LL

(above) Texas to my right...
(below) Mexico to my left...

(below) This is part of West Texas...see not so bad..

The beautiful windmills. This doesn't look like millions...but there was. I promise :)

Now I couldn't really get a picture of the cactus..but this gives you an idea of what they look like. Just imagine hundreds of them.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Desert, Desert Everywhere!

I woke up early this morning to load the car and head out to Loma Linda University in Southern California. Those of you that thought Texas was a desert...well, your right. I have to admit West Texas is a LARGE/dry/barren desert. I thought that New Mexico and Arizona would get a little more interesting ...well, not really. Still a dry/barren/desert.

There are a couple cool things on my adventure to LLU that I'll tell you about...
1. Believe it or not I've never been to Mexico and I've lived in Texas my entire life. Yesterday was the closest I've ever been to Mexico; Mexico's border. I could look to my right and see the great state of Texas and then to my left, Mexico.

2. The big cacti in Arizona. They looked like their flipping the bird (sorry, but it was what I saw in an "art" form; honest). They are everywhere! They were actually kind of pretty with the mountains behind them. No roadrunners though :(

3. As we drove out of Palm Springs I saw these huge windmills, MILLIONS of them. Rows of them on every mountain top. Dad said they provided power to Palm Springs. I don't really care what they were for, but they were beautiful. (I'll post pictures of that later)

Finally, after 23 LONG hours, I arrived at Loma Linda. I found my way around very quickly. Quicker then I'd ever imagined. Yes, LL is busy, people drive HORRIBLE, but one good thing is, they all have been very helpful and friendly so far. I feel like maybe I can make this my "home." (And I made two friends from Texas)
I'll post some pics later
Thats it for now. Peace out :>

Monday, June 11, 2007

This is for you!

Hey everyone! This blog is for my friends and family who I may not e-mail as much as I should. I have a couple of friends who inspired me to do this. Hopefully I'll keep it up...ha-ha
I'm moving to Southern California soon. It's a long desert drive from Texas, but I won't be alone. My dad will drive with me.
I'll post more soon :)