Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here are a few of Britni's mind blurbs at 9pm on Tuesday night-
1. I can't see the end of the tunnel even though I'm reminded.
I sit in class. My professors going on and on about how I'm more than half way done with academic work. My brain is buzzing with words...pictures...people...lots of useless information. I sarcastically think "woop di doo"...one more year left.

2. "I thought teaching kindergarten took it out of me some days. Autistic kids are WAY worse (even when it's 1 on 1 treatment). God help me the rest of the week."

3. "My traffic ticket was how much?!!??! $420!!!"

4. "There was 1 autistic kid that told me I was thin and made me princess aurora from sleeping beauty. He came to save me in the "castle" and instead of waking me up with a pretend kiss...he really did kiss me. HA!" (ok, so there was the highlight of my day)

5. "Dang, I wish I was playing volleyball...or getting some form of exercise this week"

6. "I hope Ron has a break to call me tonight. That would complete me =)"

7. "I have a craving to buy a new ...something...anything"

8. "A shower sounds great right now"

9. "I've made up my mind...going to shower"

Peace out ya'll


Sean said...

These types of blogs of yours have to be some of all-time favorites. So funny and random and fascinating.

And $420?!? What were you doing girl?

Miss ya!

Bev said...

$420 . . .let me guess you ran a red light at the Anderson/barton stop or the anderson/redlands blvd stop! Dang those cameras!!!

Brit's Blog said...

haha..thanks guys- so right. It was right on red at Anderson/Barton. Didn't even see the break lights. DARN cameras!!!
Miss you Bev and Sean!

Mai said...

I love your thoughts, Brit! You always make me laugh and bring a smile to my face! I miss you! I'll try to call you soon!