Sunday, March 1, 2009


L.A., California! Hollywood

foot/hand prints of the stars

me w/ my boba tea

the red carpet ...Oscars were the next day


Me and Amy

The painting on the ceiling at the observatory

Giffith Observatory overlooking LA city


Mai said...

Looks like fun! Did you just go for fun and to get away from school for the day? Remember that day we escaped everything and went to Mandi for the afternoon? I was just reminiscing about that earlier today! Miss you so much!!!

Brit's Blog said...

Aw. I remember our Mandi days ;) I miss them too (not quite as much as I miss you)! I'm living in Glendale-LA area for a 3 month yea..I did the tourist thing. haha..gotta do it while I'm here. Love your posts!

Sean said...

Kinda like living in Orlando. You gotta go to Disney at least once, just for the heck of it.

You coming up to San Francisco this summer for the marathon?

Bev said...

I loved the Griffith Observatory especially at night time when you can see a starry night! Glad you're having fun Brit!

Ken & Crystal Pierson said...

ummm...all i can say is, YUM! Boba tea! xoxo Hope you are well! We miss you.

Anonymous said...

fun pics. it's good seeing you.